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Essential information

Information for Attendees

Dates and Times

The event will take place on the following dates and times:

Friday 23rd August 12pm – 1am

Saturday 24th August 12pm – 1am

Sunday 25th August 12pm – 1am

Campers can arrive from 9am on Friday to setup tents.

Last entry 7pm 

No re-entry, unless you are a parent of a U12 wristband holder.

You must have a valid ticket for the specific day or hold a weekend ticket. 

Closing times may change depending on entertainment and bar closing times. We will keep you updated on closing times.

Entry, Tickets and Wristbands


Bring your ticket (either physical or printed E-Ticket) with you to the festival where it will be exchanged for a wristband. We can also scan your ticket on a mobile phone providing the bar code is clearly visible and phone is charged.

All Tickets Are Non-Exchangeable and Non-Refundable, unless cancelled due to Covid19 whereby tickets can be refunded or rolled over to the next festival.

You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated

Children’s Tickets:

Youths – Age 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult attending the festival aged 30 and over. Under-18’s will be refused entry without a responsible adult, 1 youth per adult.

Child Ticket – Age 12 and below – tickets are free – but you must register online for each child. 2 child tickets per registered adult.

Parents are encouraged to write their name and phone number on Children’s U12 wristbands.

We reserve the right to refuse admission if we feel the responsible adult would be unable to account for the number of accompanying under-18s.

Over 18’s must bring physical ID. No Photos of ID’s will be accepted.

Acceptable forms of physical ID:

– Passport

– Photo Driving Licence

– PASS Approved Card

Challenge 25 and Refusal to Sell Alcohol

The event operates the Challenge 25 scheme, and will ask to see identification during entry, whilst purchasing alcoholic beverages, or were deemed necessary to ascertain the age of the individual (drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking etc)

The Event organisers have the right to evict anyone drinking under the age of 18 and anyone involved in the supply of alcohol to persons under the age of 18.

Search Policy:

On entry you will be searched by Security staff. Where necessary, children will also be searched by security staff this is condition of entry to the festival

All bags and other items will also be searched for banned items please only bring a small bag if absolutely necessary no bigger than A4 size. 

Please use the bins provided to get rid of any banned items prior to being searched.

Banned Items

NO Bottles or other containers of liquid (Over 100ml in contents)

NO Alcohol (in the festival arena) Campsite ok, rules apply

NO Glass of any description, including perfume 

NO Food (in the festival arena) Campsite ok, rules apply

NO Fireworks, Flares or other Pyrotechnics

NO portable laser equipment and pens

NO Kites or Other flying equipment (RC Planes or Drones)

NO Drugs including nitrous oxide and associated equipment

NO item that can be used as a weapon

NO Camping chairs (in the festival arena) Campsite ok

NO Animals (with the exception of guide dogs)

NO Unauthorised film or video equipment or audio recorders

NO Airhorns

NO Megaphones

All the above will be confiscated if found on your person. There is no guarantee that the items will be returned to you. Where deemed necessary by staff, the Police will be contacted to assist in matters requiring their assistance.

CCTV cameras are in operation at the entrance to the site and at strategic locations around the event field.


The majority of kiosks and marquees around the venue will only accept purchases made by Debit/Credit Card at the point of purchase.

The Big Top bar will stop selling alcoholic beverages at 1am

Performances and Entertainment

We have allotted times for each performer over the weekend but these are subject to change, due to travel issues, adverse weather, illness and other unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavour to keep you updated via social media and on-site announcements. Please sign up or follow us on all media platforms. Live music will stop at 11pm on each event day. All entertainment will stop by 1am at the latest.

Respect our Neighbours

The event is surrounded by local residents and the villages of Brockworth and Churchdown. Please respect our neighbours and local community. Without their support the event would not go ahead.

Please use waste bins provided and keep noise to a minimum when leaving the event.

Food & Drink

Outside food and drink (including alcohol) is not allowed inside the festival, with the exception of attendees with specific dietary requirements backed up by a doctor’s note. This is a condition of our license and it is something we must enforce in order to secure permission for the event to go ahead. There are, however, wonderful festival food traders providing a great selection of food and refreshments all day. As well as on-site free water points.

Guest and resident tickets are not for resale