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Address: Witcombe Festival Field, Brockworth Road, Gloucester. GL3 4RA

Witcombe Festival Gate Open:

Friday 12 Noon
Saturday 12 Noon
Sunday 12 Noon


Bring your ticket (either physical or printed E-Ticket) with you to the festival where it will be exchanged for a wristband. We can also scan your ticket on a mobile phone providing the bar code is clearly visible.

Children’s Tickets:

Teenage Ticket – Age 13-17 must be bought by an adult attending the festival aged 30 and over.

Child Ticket - Age 12 and below – tickets are free - but you must register online for each child. 2 child tickets per registered adult

An adult (18 plus) MUST accompany any person who is under the age of 18, Identification will be required and under-18’s will be refused entry without an adult. We reserve the right to refuse admission if we feel the responsible adult would be unable to account for the number of accompanying under-18s.

Over 18’s must bring ID. Witcombe Festival operates a challenge 25 policy.
All Tickets Are Non-Refundable, unless cancelled due to Covid19 whereby tickets can be refunded or rolled over to the next festival.

Search Policy:

All bags must be searched – please only bring your essentials and a small bag please.

For the safety of our customers and staff, security will conduct searches at the gate. Anyone found to be carrying illicit items will have them confiscated, will be removed from the festival and handed over to the police. There will be a zero tolerance policy. All people attending will be searched, including children. Female staff will be available to do this.

Please do not attempt to bring any of the following items inside the festival:

  • Alcohol, illicit drugs, or legal highs including nitrous oxides
  • Fireworks, laser pens, or flares
  • Animals (with the exception of guide dogs)
  • Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon
  • Glass of any description

Gate Requirements:

We kindly ask you not to bring camping chairs and gazebos, which can easily obstruct the pathways and other’s view of the stage. We have plenty of seating and for the comfort of all festival-goers. If you have any access requirements or need assistance with seating please contact us directly via our e-mail address.

Food & Drink

Outside food and drink (including alcohol) is not allowed inside the festival, with the exception of attendees with specific dietary requirements backed up by a doctor’s note. This is a condition of our license and it is something we must enforce in order to secure permission for the event to go ahead. There are, however, wonderful festival food traders providing a great selection of food and refreshments all day. As well as on-site water point.

Eco Cups:

Please purchase your Eco Cup at the festival entrance. Cups cost £1 with all profits go to Rugby For Heroes our charity partner. All drinks will be served into your cup only and remains yours to take home. If you lose and damage your cup additional cups can be purchased.

The Bars will be mostly card only. Credit cards are acceptable.

Witcombe Festival Buses:

There will be dedicated buses to the festival from Gloucester and Cheltenham and to and get you home safely. A bus timetable will be published nearer to the date. Look on our website and our social media pages for updates. John Dix Travel will also publish information.

Car Park:

A customer car park is available; the entrance will be signposted on day and costs £10. You may book a car-parking place online when buying your main festival tickets

Activities For Children:

Witcombe Festival is a family friendly festival. We want you to have fun with your family throughout the day. Many of our families choose to have fun in the daytime with their kids then ask a favour from Nan/Granny or Grandad to pick up the children in the evening so that parents and carers can enjoy a few ciders later on. You may want to consider this option if you are staying later in the evening.

Each child will need to be registered when buying tickets and may only be purchased by an attending adult.

NB. Please also bear in mind that the artists and musicians performing on the main and second stage areas may use language on occasion that some parents deem not be suitable for young children.


Court Road in Brockworth is the nearest cashpoint available. Please bear this in mind when attending the festival. You will be able to use your debit/credit card pay for Witcombe Festival bars.

Valuables & Safety:

Witcombe Festival is a really safe festival, but we recommend taking some easy steps to maximise your enjoyment of the day. Exercise common sense when it comes to bringing along valuables- if you don’t need it, don’t bring it! Keep money, mobile phones and cameras on your person at all times.

Make yourself aware of the location of the emergency exits, and follow any instructions given to you by security or stewards. In the unlikely event that you witness dangerous or antisocial behaviour move away and alert security if they are not already in the immediate vicinity.


We warmly welcome visitors with disabilities to Witcombe Festival and toilet facilities are available. Contact the Festival Office on if you have any queries. The site is reasonably flat and easy to get around but may be affected by the weather.

Water Point:

A water point is available and is situated next to the food vendors near the entrance to the festival site.

Rubbish & Waste

Please use the bins provided to dispose of all your rubbish. Not only do we want to keep the site looking lovely, but also want to avoid contamination. Plenty of bins are provided around the site and these are emptied throughout the day.


Please make sure that you do use the loos provided and not the ground of the site as this can be harmful the environment. There are ample toilet facilities on site that are re-stocked throughout the day. We all know that festival loos can be a bit of an ordeal so please do your bit by leaving them, as you’d like to find them!

Emergency Services:

There is a medical first aid point with fully qualified staff. Please make yourself aware of the location.

There are Security on site who can be alerted to call upon for any emergency services or assistance necessary.

If you suspect somebody is unwell take him or her to the first aid tent or alert a member of security. If you take any medication regularly remember to bring it with you and make your friends aware of any illness of allergies you may have.

Look after yourself and those around you.

Lost Property:

All lost property from the festival (where possible) will be looked after by WITCOMBE FESTIVAL team, please return to site in days following event, to see if your item has been handed in. Or message on Facebook.

Dress For The Weather!!

Please Note: The whole festival site is a green field site with the entire area covered in grass and is outdoors. Please be aware this could be affected by adverse weather. Dress accordingly and be aware of the sun and using suitable sunscreens.

Closing Time:

Friday closing time is 12 midnight
Saturday and Sunday
Witcombe Festival bar closes at 01:00am
Witcombe Festival Big Top will be open until 01:00am

Many thanks for your co-operation and support. Have an amazing weekend
The Witcombe Festival Team.

If you wish to contact the team with any enquiries please e-mail